Wound Management Accredited Training

Want to learn more about Surgical Site Infection?

  • Prevention strategies
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
Register on our PATH education platform to access the Surgical Site Infection (SSI) e-Learning module created by healthcare professionals and in partnership with Huddersfield University. Delivered in 30 minutes of learning time which you can start and stop at your own convenience. Use the SSI e-Learning module towards your nursing revalidation. Access on demand, anytime, anywhere.

PATH offers education across a wide range of wound management topics, and with four learning styles, you've got a lot of choice:

  • e-Learning - independent learning to complete at your own pace
  • Bitesize learning - short modules delivered by clinical experts
  • Webcast - series of on demand learning from clinical experts
  • Masterclasses & events - face to face bespoke education to meet your teams training needs
Professional Accredited Training for Healthcare Professionals (PATH) to support you in achieving positive patient outcomes

Helping you empower your team

If you’re a team leader wanting to upskill your team, we can support you through our PATH education platform. Not only does PATH offer a diverse selection of topics and learning styles but it also offers you as team leader, the visibility of your teams learning journey. Utilising our Team functionality, you can invite your team to join your group. As your team complete their training and education, you can view and download their progress.  

  • Team leader functionality
  • Support in upskilling your team
  • Visibility of your team's learning journey

Watch our video below to learn more