Complementary products include wound contact layers and impregnated sterile dressing, for atraumatic dressing changes.

Wound contact layers

Cutimed Cuticell Contact, with its transparent silicone coating, allows for an easy wound inspection, promotes undisturbed wound healing and supports atraumatic dressing changes. 

Cutimed® Cuticell® Contact

Cutimed® Cuticell® Contact

is a primary wound contact layer consisting of an elastic and transparent polyurethane film coated with soft silicone.

Ointment dressings

Cutimed Cuticell Classic, impregnated with paraffin, prevents the adherence of secondary dressings to the wound bed. This allows for minimised pain at dressing changes.

Cutimed® Cuticell® Classic

Cutimed® Cuticell® Classic

is a sterile, non-medicated, paraffin gauze dressing with open weave.

Skin care

Skin maceration, skin dryness or skin irritation can lead to wounds or healing complications. Skin care products can help to rebalance the moisture level in the skin or protect the skin from the damage and irritation caused by bodily fluids, such as digestive or wound fluids. 

Cutimed® PROTECT

Cutimed® PROTECT Spray

is a liquid skin protectant spray. The barrier film protects skin from irritation due to adhesive products or bodily waste and fluids.

Cutimed® PROTECT Foam Applicator

is a liquid skin protectant with applicator that forms a barrier film.

Cutimed® PROTECT Cream

is a barrier cream that protects skin from the damage and irritation.