Cutimed® Cuticell® Contact

is a sterile, primary wound contact layer consisting of an elastic and transparent polyurethane film coated with soft silicone. It is designed to adhere to the surrounding skin but not to the moist wound bed and to allow exudate to pass through into an outer sterile absorbent dressing.

  • Easy wound inspection
  • Highly conformable
  • Atraumatic dressing changes

Intended Purpose

Cutimed Cuticell Contact is indicated for acute and chronic wounds such as leg and pressure ulcers, surgical incisions, blistering, partial thickness burns, skin graft donor sites, lacerations, abrasions, skin tears. Cutimed Cuticell Contact may be used as a wound contact layer in conjunction with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT).

Wear time: Cuticell Contact can be left in place for up to 14 days, depending on the condition of the wound and taking local clinical protocols into consideration.

Learn about the product and how to apply it

Cutimed Cuticell Contact is a transparent, soft silicone wound contact layer which allows exudate to pass through into an outer sterile absorbent dressing. It is indicated for acute and chronic wounds with dry-to-excessive exudate levels.

Product benefits

Symbol with a magnifying glass visualizing the simple wound inspection

Easy wound inspection

The transparency allows for an easy wound inspection 1.
Symbol of three arrows in different directions to visualize flexibility

Highly conformable

No tension on skin while wearing due to high conformability with a two-way stretch. 
Symbol of a dressing being removed and a feather

Atraumatic dressing changes

The silicone coated wound contact layer does not allow tissue ingrowth or damage to newly formed tissue during dressing changes2.
Symbols with two arrows and a plus in the middle indicating the long wear time

Undisturbed wound healing

The dressing promotes undisturbed wound healing, due to fewer necessary dressing changes1, 3.
Symbol of water circulation to visualize effective moisture balance

Maintains a moist environment

Helps to keep a moist healing environment. 

Product facts

Superficial and deep

Dry to excessive

Secondary fixation needed

How to use

Image showing how to apply Cutimed® Cuticell® Contact
1. Clean the wound according to good clinical practice, making sure the surrounding skin is dry.
2. Choose a dressing size that covers the wound and overlaps the wound edges for at least 2 cm.
3. Open the pouch and take out Cutimed Cuticell Contact.
4. Remove one release liner (1).
5. Apply Cutimed Cuticell Contact with the tacky side towards the wound (2), remove second release liner (3) and smooth dressing in place.
6. Cover with a secondary dressing, appropriate for the specific amount of exudate.
7. Frequency of dressing change depends on the condition of the wound. It might be sufficient to change only the secondary dressing.
How to Remove
Carefully remove secondary dressing and gently remove Cutimed Cuticell Contact from the wound and discard.

For detailed product information, including indications for use, contraindications, precautions and warnings, please consult the product’s Instructions for Use (IFU).

Product specifications

Essity Product Code
Pack Quantity
PIP Code
Cutimed® Cuticell® Contact 7268000 5 cm x 7.5 cm 5 1 ELY790 388-6447
Cutimed® Cuticell® Contact 7268001 7.5 cm x 10 cm 5 1 ELA678 388-6454
Cutimed® Cuticell® Contact 7268002 10 cm x 18 cm 5 1 ELA679 388-6462
Cutimed® Cuticell® Contact 7268003 15 cm x 25 cm 5 1 388-6470

Medical References

1 Derbyshire A. Using a silicone-based dressing as a primary wound contact layer. British Journal of Nursing 23.Sup20 (2014): S14-S20. 
2 Hallern B. v. Preventing hypergranulation, protecting epithelialisation-Cuticell Contact. Medizin & Praxis Chronic Wound Treatment. March 2014. 
3 Bateman SD. The vulnerable patient with high risk skin integrity - positive benefits of a long wear time, silicone wound contact layer. Wounds UK. 2015;11(1):82-7. 

Clinical Evidence

On this page, you can view and explore a selection of clinical studies that underline the performance of the Cutimed portfolio.

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Instruction for use

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