Cutimed® Siltec® B

is a silicone coated, sterile, absorbent polyurethane foam dressing with superabsorbent stripes to additionally absorb and lock wound exudate. The wound contact surface allows adherence to the periwound skin but not to the moist wound bed or newly formed epithelial tissue. The additional silicone adhesive border allows secure and gentle fixation. 

  • Self-adhesive silicone border
  • Reliable exudate management

  • Anatomical fit 

Intended Purpose

Cutimed Siltec B is indicated for exuding wounds such as venous and arterial ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, surgical incisions, skin grafts and donor sites, lacerations or abrasions. Cutimed Siltec B is recommended for wounds with low to high exudate levels.

Wear time: Cutimed Siltec B can remain in place for up to 7 days, depending on wound conditions and saturation of wound dressing.

Product benefits

Symbol of a feather to visualize that the product is gentle

Self-adhesive silicone border

The skin-friendly, perforated silicone wound contact layer prevents adherence to newly formed tissue, protects wound margins and ensures atraumatic dressing changes.1 The silicone wound contact layer also allows an easy application and is readjustable.

Symbol of two water droplets to visualize the exudate-handling capacity of the product

Reliable exudate management

The vertical absorption ensures exudate is absorbed and kept inside the dressing. Superabsorbent stripes provide additional absorption capacity.2
Symbol of an elbow with a wound dressing to visualize anatomic fit

Anatomical fit

Good flexibility and conformability towards various body parts. The dressings also can be cut to size.2, 3
Symbol of a wound dressing underneath a shower to visualize that it is showerproof


The highly breathable, water-repellent backing protects the dressing and allows patients to shower without removing or changing the dressing.

Product facts





Low to high

How to use

Image showing how to apply Cutimed® Siltec® B
1. Make sure, the surrounding skin is dry.
2. Choose an appropriate dressing size that covers the wound and overlaps the wound edges. (A)
3. Open the pouch and take out the dressing.
4. Remove protective film (B) and apply with the adherent side towards the wound. (C)
5. Avoid stretching the dressing.
6. Depending on the wound location it may be appropriate to apply additional dressing fixation.
7. Cutimed Siltec B can remain in place for up to 7 days, depending on wound conditions and saturation of wound dressing.
How to Remove
8. Carefully remove any additional dressing fixation and gently remove Cutimed Siltec B from the wound and discard.

For detailed product information, including indications for use, contraindications, precautions and warnings, please consult the product’s Instructions for Use (IFU).

Product specifications

Essity Product Code
Pack Quantity
PIP Code
Cutimed® Siltec® B 7328400 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm 10 1 ELA1054 347-6587
Cutimed® Siltec® B 7328401 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm 10 1 ELA1055 347-6595
Cutimed® Siltec® B 7328402 15 cm x 15 cm 10 1 ELA1056 347-6603
Cutimed® Siltec® B 7328403 17.5 cm x 17.5 cm 5 1 ELA1057 347-6652
Cutimed® Siltec® B 7328404 22.5 cm x 22.5 cm 5 1 ELA1063 359-9099
Cutimed® Siltec® B 7328405 10 cm x 10 cm 10 1 ELA1070
Cutimed® Siltec® B 7328406 10 cm x 22.5 cm 10 1 ELA1071
Cutimed® Siltec® B 7328414 7 cm x 10 cm 10 1 ELA1072

Medical References

1 Zimmermann S., In-vitro exudate management performance of a new hydropholic foam dressing range. Poster EWMA. 2017; Amsterdam.
2 Seckam A., A multicentre, observational evaluation of the product characteristics of two absorbent foam dressings. Br J Nurs. Jun 27, 2019;28(12):S10-S17.

King B., A clinical evaluation of 20 patients when using a new absorbent silicone foam wound dressing: Cutimed Siltec B. Wounds UK. Vol 14. No 3.  2018.

Clinical Evidence

On this page, you can view and explore a selection of clinical studies that underline the performance of the Cutimed portfolio.

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Instruction for use

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