Cutimed® Gel

is a sterile hydrogel that adapts to wound bed. Cutimed Gel maintains a moist wound environment that supports the body’s own wound healing. By releasing moisture, it softens non-viable tissue types and facilitates debridement.

  • Effective debridement
  • Effective moisture balance 
  • Adapts to wound bed 

Intended Purpose

Cutimed Gel produces a moist, physiological wound environment and supports autolytic cleansing of necrotic or unclean wounds (e.g. lightly weeping leg ulcers, diabetic foot syndrome, pressure ulcers or first and second-degree burns).

Wear time: Cutimed Gel should be changed as often as clinically indicated, the secondary dressing should not be fully saturated. Cutimed Gel can remain on the wound for the period between dressing changes.

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Product benefits

Symbol showing the gentlest method of cleaning wounds

Effective debridement

Supports autolytic debridement.1, 2
Symbol of water circulation to visualize effective moisture balance

Effective moisture balance

Donates moisture. As a result, it maintains a moist wound environment.3, 4
Symbol of a wound dressing that perfectly fits to the wound bed to represent its high adaption

Adapts to wound bed

Viscous and stable gel which conforms to wound bed.5

Product facts

Superficial and deep





Dry to low

How to

How to apply Cutimed Gel
1. Remove cap from the tube. (1)
2. Remove the sterile seal. (2)
3. If desired, remove the applicator tip from the sterile packaging. (3)
4. Screw it onto the nozzle of the tube. (4)
5. Apply a generous amount of Cutimed® Gel towards the wound to cover the wound surface either straight from the tube (A) or using a spatula (B) or on a deeper wound using the sterile applicator. (C)
6. If necessary, protect the wound with a suitable dressing
How to Remove
Most of the Cutimed Gel will be absorbed by the wound. The remaining gel can be rinsed off with water or removed with a clean cloth or wipe.

For detailed product information, including indications for use, contraindications, precautions and warnings, please consult the product’s Instructions for Use (IFU).

Product specifications

Essity Product Code
Pack Quantity
PIP Code
Cutimed® Gel 7261000 10 1 ELA615 340-4290
Cutimed® Gel 7261002 10 1 ELA628 340-4316

Supporting products

Cutimed® Sorbact® Dressing Pad

is a sterile, bacteria and fungi binding absorbent wound dressing.

Cutimed® DebriClean

is a mechanical debridement pad which consists of two sorts of looped fibers, soft monofilament fibers for gentle abrasion that protect intact tissue and abrasive fibers to break up and remove even firm slough.

Cutimed® Siltec®

is a silicone coated, sterile, absorbent polyurethane foam dressing with superabsorbent stripes to additionally absorb and lock wound exudate.

Medical References


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Clinical Evidence

On this page, you can view and explore a selection of clinical studies that underline the performance of the Cutimed portfolio.

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Instruction for use

Please make sure to always follow the instructions for use, including the safety information provided with the product. Not at hand? Find the needed safety information in this database!

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